All The Services You Need


On Site / On Page SEO

If you have a Website but you are really not being found on the search engines, then the first place to look is under the bonnet on your site. If you are building a website in a day with us then this could also be the extra day you need to get this sorted.

Following competitor analysis and in depth keyword research we will make sure that you have the everything on your site needed to make sure that you are indexed correctly by the search engines.



Local SEO

If you have a local business and want to be found locally within your area then local SEO is a ‘must’. Setting up Google My Business, making sure that all your keywords are well resarched and in line with your competitors.

We will do in depth competitor analysis and keyword research and then work tirelessly to make sure that you are ultimately beating your competitors and getting the traffic you need for the search terms that are right for your business and your industry



National SEO

We Get Digital provide Search Engine Optimisation services to many of our clients, all who are getting great results and ranking well with the search engines (Google etc.) This, in turn, leads to more customers and more sales!

SEO is vitally important if you want potential customers to find your website when they type in certain keywords when looking for a business like yours. We offer on-going and affordable monthly plans to work with you on getting your website on to the first page of search results.



Content Creation

Content is King! Creating excellent copy and content for your website not only helps in putting your messaging across but also assists with your on-line visibility and engagement with your target market.

We have a hand-picked team of copywriters, graphic designers and photographers who we can introduce you to, all offering a great service at competitive rates.

Image selection and manipulation is also critical to a Website both in the front where you are seen by people and in the back where you are seen by robots for the search engines.



Website Maintenance

All websites need to be managed and maintained to ensure they are kept safe, visible and effective. An out of date and insecure Website is just what hackers love!

It’s easy to sometimes forget to perform the regular tasks required to keep your site running smoothly so we offer an affordable monthly plan to keep you covered.

Prices from as little as £45 per month.



Support & Hosting

Hosting can actually be make or break when it comes to running a website and also to SEO – speed, security, maintenance – it all counts towards having a decent and stress free existance on the Internet.

We have our own powerful, fast, and secure managed hosting service which we ONLY offer to web design clients.

We are happy to provide you with a quote for hosting your new website, just ask!


And Wait A Moment, There's More For You


Websites That Make Sense For Businesses Of All Sizes.

Our full Website design and build is also, of course, available, if ‘Your Website in a Day’ is not really for you. Head over to our main We Get Digital Website and take a look.

We can discuss any of your Website plans for eCommerce, Event Websites, Networking Websites with calendars and booking systems.

If a Website can do it. We can build it!


Other Services We Proudly Provide

WordPress Maintenance Packages

We know we have already stated this about, but just in case you missed it we do want to stress how important it is, and increasingly so, to look after your Website.

In the past you could get away with building something and just leaving it to sit there. But nowadays things need updating daily, fixing, correcting and so on.

Top super-duper security is what we are all about. We have been there and got the t-shirt when sites get hacked and a whole load of problems occur. It’s best to just do maintenance and management of your Website to avoid any of these problems and stress.


Logo Design Packages

Your business look, feel and personality is so important when pitching up on the internet to sell your products or services. It’s what makes you stand out from all the rest and tells potential customers who you are what you are all about!

We have experienced branding and design experts to help you show your business off in the best possible light by creating a memorable logo and eye-catching design. We will make sure that you have a fully rounded branding document so that this will feed into all your marketing and design.