How It Works...

Here’s Our 6-step Process


Discovery call

The first step is to have a chat! You will have a lot of questions for us I’m sure and we will need to know if you are ready to have your website built in a day. 

There is no obligation here, just an informal tete a tete. 


Book your day

Once we have both established that we want to work together, we will get a date in the diary.

You are welcome to come and sit with us in our office or we can work over Zoom (or similar!).


Provide content

Before the big day there are a few things we need you to do. 

You need to have your logo, basic design idea, and your copy and images ready.

If you don’t have all of these, don’t worry, we can help.


Before we start

We will have a planning session where we will really drill down into your business and how your website needs to reflect your company and how it needs to work for you.

This will be an online meeting and will last approx. one-two hours.


On the day

On the day we will sit down and get the job done! 

You will see how it all comes together and you will learn along the way how to edit text, add images and maintain good SEO.

Oh, and we will provide you with some lunch!


The aftermath!

At the end of our day together, we will get your new website “live”!*

But we won’t leave it there. We will follow up over the next few days and make sure everything is working properly and we will address any “snagging” issues.

You may also like to keep us on board with our monthly management service or hosting, but that’s totally optional.